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Individuals, households, students and seniors interested in the purposes and programs of the Alliance.


Individual/Household Member Benefits

Membership in the GNBAA helps support all the activities of the Alliance to promote
the arts in greater New Britain and contribute to the economic vitality and quality of life
of our region. In addition, our arts organizational members and businesses provide the following benefits to our individual/household members:

  • Weekly “Arts Alerts” via email
  • 10% discount on any one class at the Art League of New Britain
  • $2.00 discount on any one CONCORA concert
  • $2.00 discount on any one Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra concert
  • 10% discount on a season Hole in the Wall Card
  • $2.00 discount on any one ticketed Music Series at South Church concert or 20% discount on CD/tape
  • Free admission to any one event at the New Britain Museum of American Art
  • 10% discount on any one New Britain Public School music or art program
  • 10% discount on gift shop items at New Britain Youth Museum
  • One time half price admission at the New Britain Youth Museum at Hungerford Park
  • $2.00 discount on any one performance or 10% off a season subscription at the Repertory Theatre
  • Invitation to the Annual Meeting, Stockman Gallery Opening Receptions, and Art Party! celebrations
  • 10% discount on purchase at Mae Kong Thai Restaurant 26 Main Street, New Britain


Please include/renew me as an Individual/Household Member
of the Greater New Britain Arts Alliance


Basic Household Membership

Basic Individual Membership

Basic Household Renewal

Basic Individual Renewal

  Enhanced Support of the Arts
(Includes the cost of basic membership)
Arts Enthusiast
Basic member benefits and listing on GNBAA Website.
Outstanding Arts Enthusiast
Arts Enthusiast benefits plus GNBAA folding umbrella.
Outstanding Arts
Outstanding Arts Enthusiast benefits, plus prominent recognition in the “. . . in the Arts” newsletter.
Arts Funder
Outstanding Arts Enthusiast benefits, plus prominent recognition in the weekly "Arts Alert" email.

Major Arts Funder
($1000 or more)

Outstanding Arts Enthusiast benefits, plus company/individual name or logo on all GNBAA publications, on the GNBAA Website homepage including a link to company/organization /individual Website, sponsorship of the GNBAA Annual Meeting and verbal acknowledgement at all GNBAA events.

Downloadable Individual/Household Membership Form
The Greater New Britain Arts Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
embership donations are tax deductible.

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